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Sometimes a job comes up that needs to be done and the quality of the work doesn't need to be that high. A perfect example come up over the weekend, I'd pulled out the spare tire in the little Mazda 121 to clean the boot nice and thorough cleaning and I found this:


It turns out that water's been leaking into the boot and collecting in the spare wheel well causing some minor rust. To stop this getting any worse and causing major problems I decided to put some fresh paint on. If this was a good car the way to do this would be to pull all of the plastic out of the back, mas off what can't be removed and paint with a white topcoat.


What happened was a quick wirewheel of the rust to remove the flakes, then a couple of coats on undercoat. Then a couple of coats of a silver topcoat that happened to be in my paint store. In the end it came out pretty good I think.


The colour doesn't match perfectly and there is some overspray if you stick your head right in. But there won't be any problems with the well rusting out for the rest of the lift of this car, and that's all this job was about.




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