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So recently I picked up a woodworking work bench from a clearance sale. This is set up basically how I wanted to get the bench I built here(Now I have a table) set up. However this bench ended up going for about what I was expecting to have to pay for the vice that is already mounted on it.

Unfortunately the handle on the vice was busted. No worries, I have a bench so I'll fix it.

This looks like a suitable piece of stock to start with.

A much better length. Now how to get the end attached? I could just drive a screw or nail all the way through the block. But that's likely to split the handle with my experience.

Perhaps I could chop a hole that's close enough with a chisel and glue it on. At this point I looked at the edge on that chisel and decided that there was no chance I was going to cut anything with that chisel. It ended up needing about half an hour on the stone to get it back to a usable state.

I ended up getting some spade bits for another project I was working on and used one of those to drill a hole that was a good fit on the existing handle.

There was a little hole from the centre spike on the drill going all the way through. I grabbed some of the quite fine sawdust from drilling the hole and packed it into the hole from the inside. Then I dropped a little glue into it to hold the dust in place. Probably not needed, but I feel good knowing it's done.

I took the corners off the block to make it a little nicer in the hand. Probably not really needed again, but I thought it would be a nice touch.

As I decided to glue the handle together I needed to make sure I didn't do that until it was mounted. Otherwise it would be a complete new handle.

And here is the finished product. It works quite well and I don't have any problems with the relatively hard edges on the new block. I'm planning to make a nicer handle once I have the time/skills to make a really nice one. But it's also true that there is nothing as permanent as a good temporary fix.


I've got another couple of things I've made on here to get up so keep an eye out for those soon.





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