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A bit of a nerdy post today.

So I recently got a new computer at work. Along with the new hardware and the performance that comes with it I got a copy of Microsoft office 2013. This is taking some getting used to. However there are a few little niggles that have been bothering me.

One of these that I have been able to fix is the animation within Excel. I'm not quite sure why this has been set up but it is easy enough to fix. Continue past the break to see how to fix this "feature"

First, in the control panel go to Performance Information and Tools.

mmmm. Subscores over 7
Back on topic. Open Advanced tools on the left.

Open Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows. Even with the shield icon I didn't have to put in the admin password. Which is good because I don't have it.

And this is what we've been working towards. If you un-check the box next to "Animate controls and elements inside windows". This turns off the animation in Excel. It may also turn animation off elsewhere but I haven't noticed anything missing.
Well there you have it. Something that is a little odd, but is fairly easy to fix.


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