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Here is a list of things that need to be done to the Land Rover
Project Details Status Links Parts Needed
Wheel Brakes Replace failed parts of the hydraulic brake system.
Bleed and adjust brakes so they work well.
Nearly finished New wheel cylinders for all 4 wheels
New Brake shoes for rear wheels
New screws to hold on brake drums.
Weatherproofing Install new windows, rear door & any seals needed so that rain can't get in. Started, Waiting on parts Rear Door Install New window frame
1x piece of sliding glass
2 x new glass seals for window frames
2 x Vent Seals
Lights Add relay to headlights.
Install indicator, park & running lights that were removed.
Started, Waiting on parts Parts on their way New lights all around
Wire to install lights
Oil Leaks I know, I know. But it won't pass rego with obvious leaks so everything needs to be sealed up well Waiting on investigation
Seatbelts Install seatbelts. They aren't original equipment for this rover, but I do want something to help keep me in. Waiting on parts Seatbelts
Lower brackets for driver & passenger seats
Brackets for middle seat
Middle Seat Get a upholstered back and bottom pieces for middle seat Waiting on parts Back and base of middle seat. I guess I could probably make one
Footwells Replace footwells that have a few rust holes in them that will not pass rego Waiting on parts Driver & Passenger side footwells
Wheels Get new tyres on all 5 wheels. The old ones are probably past use by date and probably wont pass rego.
Will wait until quite close to rego before getting new ones
Waiting on parts Fresh tyres for all 5 wheels. Installed on existing rims.
Waterpump Install new waterpump to replace failed one. Completed Repair New waterpump & gasket
Overflow bottle Probably on the nice to do list. Add an overflow bottle to the radiator so that it will not eventually empty itself over time. Not critical Overflow bottle & hose
Different style radiator cap brazed onto radiator
Fresh Engine oil Put fresh engine oil in. Will probably use cheap stuff to start with in case there is a repair that requires the oil to be removed Waiting on parts 6-7L of Engine oil
Wheel Stud Repair broken wheel stud on rear right wheel. Threads have failed on the hub so it will have to be reamed out and possibly a new stud made Waiting on parts New stud that will match reamed hole in hub.
New wheel nut
Second Battery Get the second battery charging and usable
Add hatch so the second battery is usable.
The battery may actually be dead, but that needs to be confirmed.
Requires Investigation ??

Here is a list of the parts I need to buy for the Land Rover
Part Sources Cost Status
Water Pump Autosurplus on E-Bay $70 + Free Postage Completed
Drivers Door Window
Possibly passenger also
Rover Parts (Aus)
All 4x4 (Aus)
$319 + Postage Research
Foot Wells
Driver & Passenger
Rover Parts (Aus) $110 + Postage each Research
Vent Seals
2x Required
Rover Parts (Aus) $44 + Postage each Research
Indicator, stop & park lights Rover Parts (Aus) $88 + Postage for set Ordered

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