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I've been needing to get this axle for the land rover finished. This has been one of my priorities after getting back from my voyage. The first thing to do was get the workbench cleared off:


With a space to actually it was time to go and test my media blaster. This is just a simple one with glass beads. Here is a sample of what I started with:

I was beyond unimpressed with this so I forgot to take a photo of it finished. I think that with steel parts that I should have just used sand, which being a more aggressive media would have had a bigger impact. In the end I finished off this part with a wire wheel in my pneumatic drill which has been working quite well for cleaning up these parts.


Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of these parts after cleaning them up with the wire wheel. You'll just have to take my word for it that they were much cleaner.

Here is that housing after getting a coat of paint.


After getting this far with the housing I decided it would be best to get the next biggest piece cleaned up. This was the main axle tube. This is what it looked like before I started.

After about an hour I'd run out of puff for that day and decided to pack up. This is what it looked like by then.

A marked, but nowhere near what I wanted it to be before I put any more paint on it.


That's all for now. I've been really pushing to get this finished before it gets too cold so I can enjoy it without freezing too badly so there will be a fair bit of progress coming up.



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Continuing on from the last post changing the spark plugs in my Holden Rodeo.


So what do the old plugs look like?

The old ones. You might not be able to see it in the photo, but all of these old ones have a little crack or 2 through the white insulator. That is no good.

Aye, Shiny. These look much better. 


So I got the plugs swapped over and all sorted. Then it was time to put it back together. This meant making a new gasket because I wanted to get this finished that day. I had a roll of gasket cork on hand so everything I needed.


 To make a gasket with this stuff you just need to trim to a close size of the face that you need to seal. Then you take a ball pein hammer and tap around the edge of the metal surface. This will trim the gasket material to the edge of the mating face. Do this around the outside and the inside of the surfaces.

Cutting out around bolt holes can be done with reasonably sharp scissors or if you have them using a hole punch set.

From what I understand when using a cork gasket it is ideal to have some kind of sealer to help it stick. This is the stuff to use. It does stick like the proverbial to a blanket. Particularly once it gets on your hands. But it will not harden so if the gasket flexes slightly then the sealant will keep it sealed.

The #3 comes with a brush. This makes it fairly easy to apply. But it is still very easy to get all over you. Paint it on the surface, wait a few minutes to get a bit tacky. Then apply gaskets.

Put everything back together, get a vacuum hose routed wrong. Then try to start the car and it doesn't work. It ran but not properly. Lifted the manifold off and the cork gaskets are all mangled up. At this point it was time to call it quits for the day. Turns out the screw holes were not good enough. Letting them in enough for good clearance would not leave enough cork for a good seal. So it was time for buying the proper thing.


I ordered these new gaskets from Supercheap online. According to them it would be 5-11 working days to be delivered. Joy oh joy. Thankfully I was able to find plenty of alternate transport options.

Getting new parts in the mail is always a good feeling. Unfortunately this requires waiting for the parts.


Thankfully with the right parts it was really quick to put everything back together. Probably about 10-15 minutes from getting the tools out to car running. This time with the vacuum hose run correctly. 

All buttoned up and running. 


The results:

Thankfully after this saga I took the ute for a drive and the problem is gone. Loading up the engine past where it would normally start to misfire and noting. The engine is not behaving as it should all through now. Very happy with this and glad that I have replaced these. I am looking forward to doing this sort of work on the Land Rover where this sort of work is designed to be done in the field easily and getting to this stuff is easy.




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Ever since I bought my 2006 Rodeo there's been a little thing that has been niggling at me. Whenever the engine is loaded up, either from a heavy load or just not downshifting early enough the car will have start randomly misfiring. I've been working around it, just downshifting fairly early but still fairly reasonable. This has been progressively getting worse and eventually I decided to have a look at this.

Remembering rule #1 of troubleshooting. Start with the simple stuff. This meant checking the spark plugs. The back ones were the easiest to get to so let's check those.

Hmmm. That could be the problem methinks.

Now to replace them. The new plugs have been procured. Time to whip them out and in half an hour all will be good.

Well now there seems to be an issue here. That big aluminium intake hangs way over the plugs for all but the last 2 plugs.

So... take it off then.

And then we find this godawful mess. From the factory there is a crappy cardboard gasket that has half stuck to the top of the inlet and half stuck to the bottom half.

Nothing for it now but to finish the job and make a new gasket on the way out.


This post is starting to get pretty long so I will cut it off here. I was pretty bummed out at this point so it's a good time to call it.





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Here are some photos from my Hobart trip. I've put them together in a slideshow, which is one of the new things I can do with this site. If you like it/don't like it please let me know.


Hobart 2017

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