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This is a list of my ongoing projects, along with their status and links to their tags.

As I think of more I will add them here.

If you would like to see more of one of these listed projects please contact me, either through the comments or Google + and I will see what I can do.
Project Details Status Links
CNC Mill Rebuilding an old Light Machines Company (LMC) Spectralight Mill with complete new electronics. Started and under way. Currently building some shelves so I can work on this inside. Here CNC, Machinekit, Mill, Tool Mods
Rainwater catchment system A DIY system for catching rainwater from the roof for watering the garden Getting there, slowly. Rainwater
HF Ham Radio Improving my current Ham radio station to a point where I can communicate more easily. Very slowly working on it, nearly stalled for what to try next. Amateur Radio
Hydrothermal Carbonisation Basically producing fuel with a higher energy density from various organic sources. Just beginning to get some ideas swirling. No links yet. Coming Soon.
Jeep Repairing and maintaining an old XJ Jeep that got driven into a lake. Completed. I have sold the jeep to someone who can enjoy it more than myself. Jeep
Home Theatre PC Building a low cost computer system that will run my TV and Movies. Using MythTV for the heavy lifting Stalled. My current arrangement works. But could do with improvements. HTPC
Linux Server Configuring and maintaining a server for hosing some of my personal stuff. Coming Up. I'm going to re- install linux on there from scratch. However I'm putting that off as it will be a very, very big job. Server
Maintaining the house.All houses and properties require a certain amount of work to keep them in a reasonable condition. This is the story of mine.Ongoing. As we all know there is always something to do.Housework
Nathan's Computer BuildBuilding a computer for my brother for gaming on a budgetFinished. 1 more life for a bunch of second hand hardware that will be much enjoyed.Nathan's Computer, E-Bay collection of parts used.
Fireball DinghyRepairing, maintaining and learning to sail an old Fireball dinghy.About to get quite serious. Just got a trailer to get it to the water.Fireball
Recycling HDPERecycling HDPE from around the house by melting it downStarting initial experimentsRecycling
Waste Oil BurnerBuilding a reliable burner using waste engine oil as fuel. Eventually to run a forge.In very active development. Just need to make it reliable.Oil Burner
Land RoverRestoring an old Series 2A Land rover to reasonable condition..Working on actively. Lots of work to be done here.What has been and needs to be done,
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