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Yep, It's Stuck.

In the process of helping Mum & Dad move out to a new property we decided to take my ute and go for a tour, right up the back. Apparently to ground up the is pretty boggy and we managed to get my ute stuck in there. The ground was solid enough until after you drove over it. Once you did that and disturbed the crust then all the loose soft stuff below would just let you sink.

Then when we came back the next day with another ute it got stuck as well.
That lighter coloured mud was oozing out from under the wheel while we were standing there talking about what to do next.

This may have had something to do with why we got stuck.

We ended up getting a set of recovery tracks. (Not this brand but similar) and all of a sudden we were out. These things worked so much better than we thought. Even my 2wd ute with an open diff was fine. Until I reversed a little close to a tree for comfort and had to stop again.

The first one goes free.

We put some old carpet in front of the cars so that they had something to help stop them sinking through again. It seemed to help, particularly in the first bit getting up speed again.

We were stuck pretty well. There were a few diff shaped divots in the ground as well.


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