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Back here I realised that the transmission or hand brake needed some work. The rear oil seal of the transfer case had seemed to be leaking which has covered the whole transmission brake assembly with oil. This then picked up all sorts of grit and junk which has now become a greasy nasty mess. This clearly has not helped the effectiveness of the brake.

Here we can see a bit better. Here I have removed the output flange and the brake shoes have been exposed better.

Here is the backplate and associated parts ready for a run through the parts washer.

This is the output gear for the speedo. It is just a friction fit on the output shaft. But I guess there isn't much load on it so it seems to work well enough.

Here I am, putting oil back in. The backplate looks much nicer now. The adjuster had been loose. For so long in fact that the threads on the bolts for holding it on had been eroded. This will need to be replaced before the brakes can go back on. I can come back and put the parts on the backplate later so I'll wait up until I need to get some other parts to save on shipping.

Unfortunately it wasn't long before I spotted this. It seems that the seal on the front output shaft is failed as well. So that will have to be replaced also.

Well that's all I got to so keep an eye out for more work getting done here on the Land Rover.




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