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So I didn't end up getting much (Anything) done on the Jeep last week and the weekend was busy with sailing on the James Craig and then doing maintenance at the Zig Zag Railway. However yesterday I feel I made some good progress and got the rockers and pushrods out. I also got the bucket with the old sump oil out from under the car. This is what it looked like after I pulled it out:

You can see some little bits of green from the coolant that has been getting into the oil.
This is what it looked like aft I stirred it up a little. The same as when it came out originally.

I also got the rocker cover and rockers/pushrods out.

It was pretty awkward to get to so this was how I was getting to pretty much everything:
There was also a bolt hidden right at the back that I had no hope of getting a socket onto it so back to doing it the old way with a 5/32" ring spanner. Once I managed to find the damn thing and get it undone this was the sight I was met with:

Yes that is more nasty oil on the rockers and even little drops of water on the bridges between the intake and exhaust. That's how much water was in the oil, not good. We'll have to see what else is going to be going on and broken in the next few days getting further down into the engine. So this is what all that looked like after being removed from the engine:

There's a lot of that nasty oil that will need to be cleaned up and hopefully there won't be any surprises while cleaning it all up that can't be at lease ignored until we squeeze the last few thousand km's out of this engine before it is going to need more work than just a gasket.

Today hopefully I'll get the exhaust undone from the headers which should be the last thing left to do before finally removing the head completely.

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